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Announcement – 6/19/2017


Announcement – June 19, 2017

To all subscribers and listeners:

First and foremost, I want to apologize for the sudden halt in the podcasts and notes coming from The Spiritual Workshop.

What happened was that at the beginning of May I was taken ill and was hospitalized for three weeks. This was very serious and I am told that I am fortunate to have come through. I am grateful to God and to all who have prayed for me and my recovery. I am still quite weak and have a lot of rehabilitation yet to do. Since The Spiritual Workshop is a one man operation, you can understand why things suddenly ground to a halt!

As I have started to regain strength, I’m picking up the pieces and preparing to resume publication. I had been preparing the 6th installment of Psalm 119 as a Guide to Spiritual Growth when things went south. There are two additional installments of this work to bring it to completion.

I had not come to a decision as to what I would be offering in the Notes from the Subdeacon series for this part of 2017. I have, of course, what was published last year, but I intend to supplement it in some manner so that there would be fresh material with the old.

In addition, there are a lot of things to be done “behind the scenes”, so to speak, both on the website and the various servers which actually host the podcasts.

I will be able to resume work, as I’ve said, but it will have to be at a slower pace for quite a while until I’m fully recovered. Therefore, my first priority is to complete Psalm 119 as a Guide to Spiritual Growth. I hope to have the 6th installment published in about a week or ten days from today. After I’ve wrapped that up, I will be give attention to Notes from the Subdeacon and the “behind the scenes” stuff. When I’ve figured out my strategy for that, I’ll publish another notice like this to stay in touch with you and keep you all updated on my plans.

I want to thank you all for your patience and prayers. Please continue to keep me and this work in your prayers so that together we can continue to give glory to God.

Odds & Ends

The first of eight podcasts on Psalm 119 was published yesterday. This is in the Tools of the Spiritual Life series for 2017.

Notes from the Subdeacon will continue to be published. Most of the time there has already been one set of Minor Propers published as well as a talk relating to those propers. When I republish, I plan to use the same Minor Proper (unless I find an error!!) except for those days when for some reason they were were not covered last year.

Regarding the podcasts:  I need to devote time to some other projects this year so my Notes from the Subdeacon podcasts will be based on the materials I prepared last year, but I will record them anew and will probably add additional materials or insights as God gives me the inspiration.

Subdeacon Joseph

Miscellaneous Notes

For your information, this year during the Septuagesima & Lent season, There will be a weekly Notes from the Subdeacon and also a weekly Tools for the Spiritual Life. The later will consist of eight talks on Psalm 119.

I want to remind you that the primary content for these talks are the podcasts. While I do provide a “transcript” for each talk, this does not always include everything I cover in the actual podcast. So please be sure to actually download the podcasts!

I really would appreciate feedback on these talks. To date, I have received none from subscribers. While I would like to assume that I am so perfectly fulfilling your expectations and needs that no comment is needed, I really don’t think that’s the case! So please, if you have anything to offer, particularly if it is a complaint or criticism please either leave it as a comment on the post or email me at:

Concerning Sources: I trust that it is clear to you that I go to a good number of sources to find things which I hope will be of interest. Since I’m not writing a scholarly document (like my M.A. thesis) I generally to not provide full bibliographic references for everything I use.  Where I’m going to use something from someone beside myself, I do try to let the listener that I’m quoting or paraphrasing a source. If you are interested in my sources, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to supply the information.

My overarching goal is to provide you with the best of our Western Orthodox Christian Tradition as it relates to the topic at hand. Anything good you find in the work comes from that (or from God), mistakes and errors, however, are all my own!